Why Insulated Metal Panels?

Faster Build

  • Faster on-site installation time compared to traditional multi-part systems, as they are a single component installed by a single trade.
  • Factory assembled insulation and dual metal facing panels to create a single high strength unit.
  • One step installation, increasing the speed of build and minimizing delays by approximately 50%.
  • Meets building codes.

Energy Efficient

  • Interlocking groove joints with concealed fasteners create a water and air tight seal, stabilizing interior environments and saving energy costs.
  • Superior thermal insulation capabilities compared to other insulating materials. (Roxul R-Value: 3.6/in, EPS R-Value: 4.04/in)
  • The insulated panels are wrapped around the entire exterior of the building, providing the best thermal envelope.
  • No thermal drift.

Measurable Savings

  • Insulated panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio allowing for longer spans compared to other construction methods, reducing both transport and installation cost.
  • Single component installation reduces trades involved and labor costs.
  • Reduces operation costs and maintenance, while still having the same life span as other buildings.

Design Flexibility

  • Very versatile with a variety of colours, finishes, accessories, profiles and trims with hidden fastener systems.
  • Solutions for both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Design is not compromised when incorporating doors, windows and other construction materials into the design.

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